Selling Like A Boss

Today, as my friend asked me to take her to the bus terminal, so i decided to buy a book on the way home. I had planned this yesterday, and also had decided which book i wanna buy. Then, i reached this book store. Looking arround if there any TOEFL book. So i asked the shopman where i can get this book. He escorted me to a corner. And tadaa… i got what i wanted. I checked the book, and saw that the price is not too expensive, and moreover it had 15% discount. So i walked to the counter, and told the guard that i wanted to buy that item. But, suddenly, they told me that the price had increased (about 15% ). @#$%@#@&*$!!


Then i thought for a second. So, i got this 15% discount but the price had increased in same amount. -_-”

But in the end, i still bought that book 😉


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